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Re: [IP] MiniMed 507C

Sue,  I agree with you about disetronic and nothing new.  However, listening
to all this stuff from the minimed people about false alarms and no delivery
and not being able to hear it and the bulky sport guard, I'm glad I have a
disetronic.  I have had only one problem with the disetronic, when I first got
it, which was quickly resolved and have had no problems since.  It sounds like
minimed needs to send the second pump more than disetronic.  Perhaps I have
misjudged minimed.  Has anyone out there that has been on the pump for at
least a couple of years never had a problem with minimed?  I am just curious.
BTW, I love my disetronic pump and I am really griped that my dr. has been
bought off by minimed and therefore won't put any more patients on disetronic.
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