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Re: [IP] Protein and Fat????

Actually I find there is a great tendency to ignore the protein effects on
BG, but as the pumping books say, anywhere from 50 - 70% of the protein can
be converted to sugar.  This is a big YMMV issue, but since it is easy to
eat a lot of protein, I find this must be considered.  For me with 1 U to
15 g Carb ratio, I need at least 1 U per oz of protein I eat.  So even
though that Micky Dee's 1/4 pounder has less than 30 g carbo, I usually
need 5 - 6 U to keep my BG in range (and that's without the french fries
:-).  My endo nurse recommends starting at about 1/3 U per oz of protein,
but that is really the minimum.

Subject: Re: [IP] Protein and Fat????

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<<  I have seen
 many Dieticians and spent a great deal of time working out my ratio, and
 never did I/we count protein or fat. Can somebody explain? Thanks!! >>

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