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Re: [IP] minimed no delivery alarm when bolusing through a basal delivery

Mary Jean:
     Thanks for reminding us all about Bill at Minimed...for those who were
wondering, I DID call Minimed about that "today's dilemma" question I posted
when Melissa's pump had STOPPED at 7:00 a.m. one day...The rep I spoke to kept
insisting there was NO WAY that could have happened without Melissa herself
having stopped it..Refused to listen when I said she NEVER suspends it & the
likelihood of her having "accidentally" pushed all the buttons in the correct
sequence while asleep was highly improbable...Said I could "borrow" a loaner
pump while they checked out Melissa 's but she doubted they'd find anything
since it HAD to have been Melissa's own doing...la de da...Hasn't happened
since & Melissa was basically nonplussed about the whole thing & couldn't
understand why I was so concerned....

Regards, Renee
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