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[IP] debbie's vitrectomy - update

Hi everybody,

just a quick update on my surgery.  I had appts. with both my endo and my
eye doctor (retina specialist)  yesterday.

I am telling you, I am the healthiest blind person you will ever know. ha
ha.  I am showing NO protein in my urine, my a1c was 5.3 ,and my cholesterol
was only 173.

 so then off I went to the eye surgeon.  he was pleased with what I am
now.  I guess I am too, and I need to be patient, I hate to even hope, but
it does seem like what I am seeing out of  that eye is starting to clear up
a bit and get a little brighter.  we plan on doing the vitrectomy in the
other eye in about 2 weeks.  it is nice to get rid of all those cobwebs I
see that are caused by the bleeds.  I can tell that they are all gone in
the eye I had the surgery on, but it is just so dim and gets blurry that it
is still of not much use to see with, but he said that this will continue
to improve

thanks everybody for being here, and while of course i wish i was seeing
even better by now, being able to see form and light is much much better
than seeing nothing at all, like i was last week.


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