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Re: [IP] Protein and Fat????

>I have a question,..Is it just me, or maybe a Canadian thing, but I am
>positive that all the times I have been to or seen a Diabetes Nutritionist I
>am sure that the only thing I needed to count in regards to carbo's were
>starch foods. Protein doesn't have any effect on blood sugar as well as fat?
>I am very slim and was basically told not to worry about my fat intake
>(don't bother counting it), and to limit my protein consumption due to
>possible kidney complications down the road.

When carb counting:

grams of CHO are counted at 100%
grams of FAT are counted at 50%
grams of PRO are counted at 10%

The problem is that the fat will not be converted until several hours after
eating.  As far as the protein; most ignore it as it has minimal effect on
bg and the error range of counting carbs is usually well over 10%.

It is my understanding that unless you have signs of kidney problems;
protein will not hurt you in any way.  Such as salt will hurt you in any
way unless you haev signs of blood presure problems or later stage kidney

Darrin Parker
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