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Re: [IP] minimed no delivery alarm when bolusing through a basal delivery

In a message dated 6/18/98 8:42:33 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< I remember a few posts about problems with the MiniMed giving a No
 Delivery alarm if, while bolusing, a basal is trying to get delivered. 
 Well, it happened to Kayla today.  I also think I remember someone
 (Bob?) saying to let (?) at MiniMed know if this happened.  Who, again,
 am I supposed to notify of this?  or is it all a dream?!?


That was ME (Mary Jean, not Bob-he uses a Disetronic) who was having the
problem and I think it is interesting that Kayla experienced the same thing.
The person to contact at MiniMed is Bill Van Antwerp.  He is a member of our
group but I think he only has browser access now... at any rate, he asked me
to keep him informed of this situation.

His email address is email @ redacted

I told him I would try to re-create the problem by purposely giving a bolus at
the same time I get a shot of basal, but so far, I haven't remembered to do
this.  If anyone else wants to try, go ahead.  I'm sure he would definitely
want to know.  He is the "chief scientist" at MiniMed.

Mary Jean
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