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[IP] minimed no delivery alarm when bolusing through a basal delivery

I remember a few posts about problems with the MiniMed giving a No
Delivery alarm if, while bolusing, a basal is trying to get delivered. 
Well, it happened to Kayla today.  I also think I remember someone
(Bob?) saying to let (?) at MiniMed know if this happened.  Who, again,
am I supposed to notify of this?  or is it all a dream?!?

I called MiniMed about it today, mainly to find out if the basal
delivery got through or if I needed to bolus for it along with the
remaining bolus that didn't get delivered.  Granted it's only a 0.1u
basal delivery, but that's Kayla's whole basal rate for the hour.  The
rep. at MiniMed didn't know and had never heard of the No Delivery alarm
in this situation.  She suggested I assume it's a problem with the site
and change everything out.  NOT!!!  Checked Kayla's Bg throughout the
day and she was fine.

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