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[IP] Not under such great control

I cannot answer for you, but I have had similar levels of frustrations. 
A couple of thoughts might be :
1)  Have you checked your basal profile?  I know that if I change by 0.1
U, I can effect a significant change in my overall control.
2)  Have you checked your ratios?  Is there a pattern to your highs and
lows?  It sounds that you know how to look for this and in that you
didn't mention any pattern there may not be one, but this is the "best"
way I know of to beter tune your control.
Good luck,


Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 09:05:40 PDT
From: "Kimberly Davis" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Not under such great control

Okay.  This is starting to really bug me.  Everyone is posting these 
really great HbA1c results between 5 and 7.  Mine is no where near
Pre pump I had results of about 14, now my HbA1c is about 10.  I test 
6-8 mtimes a day, I double check the Cho count of all the foods I eat.
At one point I even used a scale!!!  I understand this desiese and 
insulin action better than my doctor so I doubt I need further 
education.  I just seem to chase my blood sugars a lot.  Stress, 
excersise, different foods, how well I sleep, everything just bounces
blood sugar.  If I don't eat, and don't get overly stressed, I can 
usually keep my BG under great control!!!  I'm considering anorexia for
its use in the treatment of this damn disease.  Am I the only one is 
this category???  I know someone will post and tell me I'm doing 
something wrong, otr that my basal must not be set right, maybe I'm
or underestimating my boluses... but I've talked with lots of 
professionals and they seem to think that I'm doing it right.  All I 
really need right now is for someone else to admit that their HbA1c 
isn't as hot as everyone elses seems to be.  Don't get me wrong.  I
great... pre-pump, due to my allergic reaction to U,    I would bounce 
from 30 to "HI" 2-3 times a day with no control at all, at least now I 
have a little control.  Maybe I'm allergic to humalog....

Someone out there let me know that I'm not the only "failure".  Brittle
diabetics UNITE!!!!

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