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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #365

Wayne wrote:

>ratio that I might end up using.  I wouldn't want to use any higher
>percentage of V, because that just defeats the advantage of using a pump.

If you view "convenience" of bolusing when you eat as the *primary*
advantage / reason for pumping, I can see your point. I realized some time
ago that the marketing folks need some re education. They tend to pitch
pumps as making a person "almost like you don't have diabetes", since you
can eat "what you want, when you want". Sorry, that doesn't work for me,
but they'll never get my pump away from me ;-)


>syringe with no problems. I'm not sure what you are referring to 
>regarding site "hardness".  I haven't noticed this from my use of H.


Many folks who've used Humalog for awhile have noticed marked changes in
their infusion sites. This is often described as "tissue hardness" at the
site. The whole topic is a source of endless discussion, but suffice it to
say that changes to the tissue at the infusion site have plagued many a
Humalog user. Tissue changes will also happen when using V, but it seems it
takes *much* longer and is a different type of change. What's interesting
is that sites which were previously not usable with H, due to changes in
the tissue can be once again be used successfully with V (or in come cases,
with a mix of V and H).

Good luck with your study. Please keep us in the loop on what you discover.

Bob Burnett

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