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[IP] RE: Not under such great control

Some would say that my A1c's are still ok, but they have increased
markedly -- almost a point since I started on the pump, and the one before I
started was also the highest that I'd had in 10 years.  I think that I
probably know how you feel.  Crummy.

My meter average says 9.3 tests per day and 109 for an average.  30% of
those tests are <59, 50% are 60 to 150, and 20 % are >150.  My highest test
was 364 in the time since pump (January 12).  I frequently get up at 2 am,
and my normal rising time is 4:40am.  So how do I end up with an A1c of 7.5?
Granted, I have a modicum of control for the gastro garbage that I wouldn't
have had without the pump, but why is the A1c so much worse?

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