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[IP] Battery Life, Carb counting.

Hi.  I really like the Insulin-Pumpers group and have learned a great
deal from you.  I have a disetronic H-TRON Plus pump which I started
using on April 13th.  I am still on my first set of batteries.  Any idea
how soon I will have to change them?
       2nd question.  How do you determine how much carbs are in various
foods?  For example, I know the books say that a donut has X carbs but
my experience has shown that each different donut seems to have its own
amount of carbs and they are not anywhere near each other.  Also, the
best ones don't come with nutrient information provided.  Please don't
tell me to stop eating donuts.
        I have had my greatest highs since going on the pump and they
seem to be because I underestimate the carb value of some of the foods I
eat.  Thanks

John Meimer
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