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[IP] Protein and Fat????

I have a question,..Is it just me, or maybe a Canadian thing, but I am
positive that all the times I have been to or seen a Diabetes Nutritionist I
am sure that the only thing I needed to count in regards to carbo's were
starch foods. Protein doesn't have any effect on blood sugar as well as fat?
I am very slim and was basically told not to worry about my fat intake
(don't bother counting it), and to limit my protein consumption due to
possible kidney complications down the road. I even have the Good Health
Eating Guide plastered on my fridge and there is nothing about counting
protein. This is in response to the woman that bolused before her dinner of
salad, lamb chop, and a roll. I would go low too if that was all I'd eaten!
There is maybe 20 grams of carbo's in that dinner. This is not the first
time I have seen reference to protein increasing blood sugar. I have seen
many Dieticians and spent a great deal of time working out my ratio, and
never did I/we count protein or fat. Can somebody explain? Thanks!!

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