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Re: [IP] Cornell News: Dry insulin inhalant

At 02:25 PM 6/18/98 , you wrote:
>potentially one could inhale a wee bit of insulin every hour).  Like most
>big medical news stories, this one still requires a closer look to get by
>the hype.  Two problems not mentioned are: 1. what happens when you have a
>respiratory infection and are coughing like crazy, and even more

I also fear too many questions remain unexamined. The bronchi are very
sensitive, and there is no data whatsoever on long-term effects. It must be
an incredibly fine powder -- and how do you reliably control the amount
that makes it to the lungs where it can be absorbed into the blood stream?
Depending upon various individual factors, including ear-nose-throat
issues, it seems this would be difficult to regulate.

I also wonder about what IS said in the release: it's being targeted to
people who have trouble with an insulin regimen, and it doesn't mention
anything about achieving tighter control for other diabetics -- pumpers and
MDI. So perhaps it's not even meant for tight control -- seems to me, if it
were, they would say so quite prominently.

I'm eager to get some more objective reviews and a broader perspective on
the inhalants.

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