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Re: [IP] Cornell News: Dry insulin inhalant

Right, MJ, the big big pump advantage is the basal rate, (although
potentially one could inhale a wee bit of insulin every hour).  Like most
big medical news stories, this one still requires a closer look to get by
the hype.  Two problems not mentioned are: 1. what happens when you have a
respiratory infection and are coughing like crazy, and even more
importantly 2.  Nobody has yet mentioned BG measurements.  All that hype
about kids no longer being afraid of injections, but of the diabetics I
know, most hate the finger sticks even more than the injections!  So until
that mystical non-invasive glucose machine appears, it will be hard to
regulate all that inhaled insulin.

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<< ITHACA, N.Y. -- If current clinical trials are successful, within a
      few years the daily insulin injection for diabetes could be a thing of
      the past. >>

I agree, this is exciting, but as I understand it, there is still a required
injection of Ultralente to cover basal needs.  I'm not ready to give up my
pump just yet...if they can somehow manage to include basal insulin in the
inhalant, I would be MUCH more interested!!  BTW, the article in my local
paper yesterday included an 800 phone number to call if you are interested in
participating in further studies of the inhalant.



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