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[IP] Fast take strips

   i haven't had any trouble at all withthe strips, other than their
small size. Have to take my time. i have already used up about 70 of
them! there must be a bad batch out there! I did, however, receive
several bad meters. They were unable to be coded. The word code didn't
even come up on the screen! But..... eachtime I called and told them
the problem they were understanding and didn't make me feel like a
jerk! In fact, I received 50 free strips, a total of 4 meters (last
one works GREAT)    A N D    a  F R E E    One Touch Profile for my
inconvenience!!!!  Don't give up on them!!!!! They helped me a lot,
each time apologizing for the problems, or how long I may have waited
to talk to someone!!!
        Barb G

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