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[IP] Methodology: Using pump to control Dawn Phenomenon

Could anyone with a pronounced Dawn Phenomenon please relate their
methodology for controling it with teh pump?

I suspect you program an increased basal for XXX hour in the am.  What are
your results with this and do you ever expereince am hypos because of over
compensation on the basal increase?  I assume the basal program is
permanent and not have to be re-programed each night.

Thanks in advance.

Currently I am on MDI and use 18 units of L at 11:00pm to offset teh DP.
Problem is this large dose of L only drops the am bg from 28 to 20 and
seems to have a diminishing effect with each year.  *It used to drop am bg
down to only 14 but last months the am bg is creeping back to teh mid 20's.

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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