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[IP] neopyrene pump case

Several people have been talking about a neopyrene pump case.  I 
actually don't think that anyone makes them yet except pump wearers, but 
if we keep talking about one, I bet it will change fairly quickly.  I 
posted about the case that I constructed in response to a woman who was 
about to get her young son an insulin pump and wanted some protection 
for the pump.  The sport guard is too big and bulky and quite difficult 
for small fingers to be able to put on and take off.  The neopyrene case 
protects from small bangs and drops and protects somewhat from water 
(but not submersion).  I made mine mine out of an old wetsuit, but any 
piece of that neopyrene (rubber like stuff actually) will work well.  I 
just sewed a pocket that fit the pump snuggly and closed the case with a 
velcro flap.  I ended up cutting a small slit in the back so that I 
could still use the clip when I wanted to.  Any pump case could be used 
as a vague pattern.  I love mine for sports and whatnot.  My dad wanted 
one for his cellphone when he saw mine.  (He dropped the phone too many 
times.)  I also make my own leather and fabric cases.  I use far higher 
quality leather and designer upholstery and for a lot less money I can 
have a very nice proffesional looking case.  Kids would probably enjoy 
being able to help design and decorate different "outfits" for their 
pump.  For those who are less creatively inclined, contact me by e-mail 
and I can probably send you some clearer instructions with some 
diagrams, ect.  I'll be gone this weekend.

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