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[IP] Bragging time

Went to pump group yesterday afternoon and just heard that my
glycohemoglobin is 5.2.  Absolutely delighted!  this is after 3+ months
on the pump.
BTW, I went to the pharmacy to get my rx filled for AccuCheck test
strips.  I use about 300 per month.  (Test a lot, you know.)  The clerk
gave me these 3 huge boxes each containing 100 test strips and an
AccuCheck Advantage meter!  The pharmacist said that right now you can't
buy the strips and NOT get a meter.  Such a waste!  I have an AccuCheck
Complete and use an Advantage as a back-up (like the size for my fanny
pack).  Does anyone have any use for 3 AccuCheck Advantage meters?  They
will come without the test strips because that's the part I need.  (I
also have 2 QID Precision meters that I'm saving for a rainy day.)
Vicki McDonald

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