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Re: [IP] low batteries - length of warning time before shutdown

Thanks for your response, Michael.

I actually found that the (one set, only, of) Radio shack batteries which I had lasted
as long as the MiniMed ones, but just that the time from initial warning to total
shutdown was dangerously short and this was my biggest concern - In particular, the
warning displayed sometime between breakfast & lunch and died completely at about
10:00 P.M. that night! I was just lucky that I was home early that night.

Has anybody else ever had such a short warning time with any batteries in their pump?


> Celia:

> > A message about the battery being low will appear on the display. It has been my
> > experience (limited - pumping only since dec 97) that the batteries from MiniMed
> > give a longer warning time (4-5 days) than batteries bought from my local Radio
> > Shack (less than a day). Has anyone else noticed this?
> >
> Michael:

> You bet.
> Purchased 15 Eveready 357's - supposedly the exact battery you get
> from MM - but packaged in the individual 'hanging' retail pack from a
> mail order diabetes supply house. These batteries are available at
> hardware stores, drug stores, etc... Anyway, Lily put 3 in her pump
> and got a low battery alarm 2 WEEKS later!!!! Upon inspection, some
> of the batteries in the still sealed packages showed signs of
> corrosion, some of the packages looked similar although the batteries
> inside looked OK. I suspect this is a storage/transport problem not
> unlike insulin in the back of the hot truck syndrome.  I have sent a
> letter and the batteries off to Eveready along with one of those "Gee
> guys, these batteries are specified for use in LIFE SUPPORT
> equipment, sure be nice if they worked' kind of letters. That was
> last week, I'll keep you posted on what kind of response I get.

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