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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #365

Bob, lots of good ideas, but I'm just one guy.  I decided to test one mix
ratio that I might end up using.  I wouldn't want to use any higher
percentage of V, because that just defeats the advantage of using a pump.
So I will use 20% V max.  I'm going to use the Minimed syringe filled with
3 ml and let it and the tubing go together for as long as they last (about
10 days for me).  The ambient temperature is just whatever it is.  I was on
pork Lente insulin for years and used to mix that with H in the same
syringe with no problems.   I'm not sure what you are referring to
regarding site "hardness".  I haven't noticed this from my use of H.
In any event I will post results from my one setting and you can do what
you want with them :-)   If I notice a difference I will use whatever works
best for me.  Of course YMMV, but anyone can easily run a similar objective
test for themselves.

<<<<<<<<<From: Bob Burnett <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Mixing of Humalog and Velosulin


Now, if it were a "real" scientific study, there would be people running
around in lab coats, a double blind study conducted, government grants,
etc. <vbg>

One suggestion is that you leave *ample* time (read that *lots* of time)
between re use of sites for this "study". When I quit using Humalog, it
took almost 5 weeks for the sites to lose their hardness, return to being
good absorbing sites again. A couple of the sites still have not fully
recovered almost three months later. This is most certainly a YMMV area,
probably one of the biggest variables you are going to be looking at here.

You'll also need to study the different H / V ratios; and glass vs. plastic
reservoirs; and Teflon vs. metal sets; and ambient temperature; and total
insulin infused in a given time period; and total number of years on
insulin therapy; and presence / production of insulin antibodies; and
........ <vbg> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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