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[IP] Smarties

Frank & MJ:

Here in Canada, Smarties are small candy coated chocolate candies about the
size of a small flat peanut.  They do not come in a roll.  The candy
coating comes in bright colours and the company makes green and red
smarties at Christmas and pastel coloured Smarties at Easter.  They come in
a cardboard box about two inches wide and five inches long, 1/2" thick. 
The box is dark brown and has Smarties all over it.  When the box is empty
you can blow into it and make a great whistling sound.  This candy is most
like M & M's except the candy coating melts in your mouth and in you hands.

The candy that comes in a clear celophane roll and is worth 5g car is
Life-Savers.  they are about the size of a nickel.

Did you know that here in Canada we refer to those chocolate, nut filled,
caramel filled bars like Kit Kat, Snickers, Oh Henry as chocolate bars
rather than candy bars?

In Canada we do not have Mounds or Almond Joy candy bars (or at least where
I have looked)

PJB in Niagara Falls.
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