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Re: [IP] Fast Take strips...

Hi Tonya,

I use the Fast Take all the time and love it!  I have never had any
problem with the strips -- and I am on my third vial.  Of course, I have
never used any strips similar to these from any other manufacturer.  All
I have used is the One Touch strips, Sure Step strips and the old BG
ChemStrips.  Maybe I don't have anything to compare with.

<< I must admit I skipped over a while back when everyone was talking
the Fast Take and the Complete...I had my trusty Advantage and never
thought I have either of those new ones.  Well, after not listening...I
recently got a free Fast Take meter and free strips to go with it.  For
those of you that have the Fast Take...do you think the test strips suck
like I do?!?!?  They seem really cheap, made really bad or something.  I
was putting one in the other day to begin the test and it seemed a
little stuck so I pushed it a little bit more and the whole strip split
- - with the top layer coming off?!?!?  PLEASE, what is up with
that?!?!?!?  Anyone else seen this problem?!?!?   -Tonya D. >>


	... Sue  :-)

		If your Bible is in good shape ...
		Your life probably isn't!

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