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Re: [IP] Time for an overhaul?

Hi Mary Jean,

I frequently have the same problem.  I can't find any pattern to it

For instance, the other night before dinner I had a BG of 86.  My meal
consisted of a lamb chop, salad w/ranch dressing, dinner roll
w/margarine and diet drink.  Only 40 carbs there.  I normally use a
ratio of 1:10 Humalog but because I was starting out a little low, I
only used 2 units (half of normal).  1-1/2 hours after dinner, I checked
my BG and it was 74 (I lost 12 points)!  Where did the carbs go?  Why
didn't the protein and fat in the meat make any difference?  I struggled
until after midnight that night to get my BG to stay up between 100 and
120 -- I live alone so I don't like to go to bed with anything near a
low/hypo.  I was also pretty sedentary this particular night.

Most of the time things act like normal and my insulin/carb ratios work
fine (apparently the insulin doesn't need adjusting) ... but when things
go like this it makes me wonder what is wrong, too.  I guess there is
some comfort in just knowing that I'm not the only one that experiences
this problem.  

If you find a solution -- let me in on the secret! <BG>


I'd really like to know if anyone else has ever experienced something

Mary Jean >>


	... Sue  :-)

		If your Bible is in good shape ...
		Your life probably isn't!

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