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Re: [IP] Nathan's Progress Report

Ted Quick wrote:
> >
> > Hello everyone.  I'm Nathan's mother, diagnosed type II, 3-97 and
> > pumping since 5-23-98 (he is 11 years old).  The pump has
> > been wonderful.  We went in with 12.5 test, and hope to have that
> > lowered drastically in about two months!!
> >
> > Also, have anyone been diagnosed type II, and on their way to type I?
> >  That is what we are possibly going through right now!
> Never seen that happen, since they ARE 2 distinctly different
> diseases with different causes. Type 1s have lost all insulin making
> capacity because the auto-immune system killed off the Beta cells that
> make insulin. Type 2s suffer from any of a variety of things, often
> insulin resistance, sometimes mismatch of insulin output with needs or
> such. There is no way to go from Type 2 to 1.
> It's possible that someone is misdiagnosed, and the correct diagnosis
> arrived at some time later. Besides which, he may be in a "honeymoon"
> period where his body gets a fresh start after beginning treatment
> and he needs little or no insulin for some time. This goes away leaving
> a clear case of Type 1, where there was some doubt about type before.

Another possibility is what a friend of mine is going through.  She has
one son with IDDM and another son that started showing all the classic
signs.  Since she knew what to look for, she immediately took him to her
endo.  (She is also diabetic.)  Tests were run and the second son DOES
show the islet cell antibodies.  A second test was done to determine %
function of the pancreas.  His pancreas is slowly but surely losing
function.  This has been going on for a few weeks now.  He is testing BG
in the morning and it's slowly climbing out of the normal range.  The
endo recently started him on small doses of insulin in the hopes that it
would alleviate the strain on the pancreas and delay the inevitable.

I know many people just, BAM, "get" diabetes, and for others it's a slow
process.  In hindsight, Kayla was showing symptoms for 4 1/2 months
before we finally took her to the Dr.  And even then her random BG was
only 343.

If you would like to get in contact with this other mom to see if her
son's diagnosis is like Nathan's, e-mail me privately and I'll pass it
on to the other mom.

Kasey Sikes
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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