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Type I? Type II? (was)Re: [IP] Nathan's Progress Report

    Actually there was some discussion last summer at Children with Diabetes's
website about something doctors were referring to as "Type 1 1/2" diabetes !
No kidding - this is for real. Seems those kids needed insulin shots, but
their bodies seemed to still be producing insulin, so there wasn't that clear-
cut "end of the honeymoon".  In fact, one of Melissa's pump-trainers' patients
was a 12 yr old who went extremely low overnight, even without any nighttime
insulin.  Her problem was actually remedied by having her go on the pump. This
pattern had persisted 3 yrs after her dx, leading the pump trainer to refer to
her as the kid with the "pancreas that wouldn't die!!"...BTW, the reason we
knew all about this was because the mom started having her see Melissa's CDE/
pump trainer a full year before she ever went on the pump....

Regards, Renee
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