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Re: [IP] Nathan's Progress Report

> Hello everyone.  I'm Nathan's mother, diagnosed type II, 3-97 and
> pumping since 5-23-98 (he is 11 years old).  The pump has
> been wonderful.  We went in with 12.5 test, and hope to have that
> lowered drastically in about two months!!
> Also, have anyone been diagnosed type II, and on their way to type I?
>  That is what we are possibly going through right now!

Never seen that happen, since they ARE 2 distinctly different
diseases with different causes. Type 1s have lost all insulin making
capacity because the auto-immune system killed off the Beta cells that
make insulin. Type 2s suffer from any of a variety of things, often
insulin resistance, sometimes mismatch of insulin output with needs or
such. There is no way to go from Type 2 to 1.

It's possible that someone is misdiagnosed, and the correct diagnosis
arrived at some time later. Besides which, he may be in a "honeymoon"
period where his body gets a fresh start after beginning treatment
and he needs little or no insulin for some time. This goes away leaving
a clear case of Type 1, where there was some doubt about type before.
Ted Quick
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