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[IP] Re:hypoglycemia ==> diabetes

In a message dated 6/16/98 9:44:06 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< When first diagnosed with hypo, I questioned why I would be at one
 extreme and my dad at the other (Type I) - too much insulin production
 vs. none.  I was told that basically I had inherited the problem from
 him.  We both had malfunctioning pancreases (pancreai?) only his went
 one way and mine the other.  Made sense when described that way.
 And now my daughter has Type I.  Sigh...


There may be some truth to this, my brother is also hypoglycemic.  I hope he
never develops diabetes, though, 'cause I'm not sure he would take care of
himself!  I think I may have been hypo during my college years (the first time
around, I'm going back to school this fall!) but I didn't have any way of
really checking. If I delayed a meal, I used to get the same hypo symptoms
then that I do now.  I didn't develop diabetes until I was 27 and had a 3 year
old child.

Fortunately, my husband is watching his weight, which I really appreciate!!

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