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`[IP] About low blood sugars

Barbara,  I think this use of milk to treat BG lows may be ok for
nonpumpers, but there is little logic in using it to treat lows of someone
on a pump.   When you are low, the only objective is to raise the BG to
normal levels as quickly as possible.   The best thing for this purpose is
to give glucose.   Milk is not recommended because is takes longer to work
and has a longer effect.  If you still had some NPH kicking around in some
unknown way it might be ok, but this is not relevant to pumpers.
	The problem that seems to occur with most diabetics , including
myself, is that TOO MUCH glucose is taken.  (Don't all those candy bars
taste good though!!).  I've gotten better since on the pump, and now make
an effort to take only about 15 g of glucose if i'm too low, and then just
wait 10 min.  If I drank milk, I would have to wait longer and they worry
about being too high later when the protein kicks in.
P.S.  I still eat those candy bars occasionally, except now I bolus in
advance for them :-)

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<< Whilst there is some truth in what your doc says, I would question the
 wisdom of using milk as the primary response to a hypo. >>
This is still a good option if glucose tabs are not available for treating a
mild low BG (50-70).  Skim milk is the recommended choice.

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