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[IP] Mixing of Humalog and Velosulin

Michael John and Wendy and I agreed to do some "scientific" testing of
this.  I'm in the process of making notes on the effect of a 20% mix of V
with H with a 4 day site.  data will report on 1. site effectiveness, i.e.,
unexplained BG highs and 2. site appearance, i.e,  redness size, swelling,
& recovery.  I'm trying to get at least half dozen sites with each mix, so
the data won't be ready for a report here for several more weeks.
P.S. When I first got a bottle of V and read the insert, I did notice the
BOLD sentence that said NOT to mix this V with any other insulin.  But I
thought, what do they know anyway. No reason was given and they also said
if you had any questions about V to ask your physician.  And I thought
again, what do they know anyway :-)

From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Mixing of Humalog and Velosulin

> Why would you mix insulins in your pump?
A number of people have problems with infusion site corruption when
using only Humalog (including my daughter). Symptoms include
unexplained high bg's usually at the end of the 2nd or 3rd day on a
given set. A forth day is usually not possible at all. When using
Velosulin or Regular, these symptoms do not occur. Apparently mixing
a small amount of V or R (my daughter uses V) moderates the
corrupting effect of the Humalog and enables her to routinely get 4
days from a Comfort/Tender/Silohette and 3 days from a Sof-set. This
was not possible before.

Other symptoms unrelated to set problems have been reported with
straight Humalog use including occassional erratic bg's where the
feeling is low, but bg's test OK. This is sometimes followed by
unexplained high bg's (as if there were a low followed by a rebound).
This also seems to be moderated or eliminated by mixing H+V. Reported
mixes vary from 5/1 which Lily uses in her pump to 50:50 mixes. There
have been no medical studies done on this as far as any of us know.
The mixes that individuals use have more to do with the exact effect
of the mix on the people and their particular digestive cycle vs
insulin needs than the moderating effect of the Velosulin. Lily has
tried 4/1 and 5/1 with the latter being keeping her bg's flat better
after a meal and particularly before bed time. Most pumpers that are
mixing seem to use 3/1 (75%H 25%Ror V) or 4/1. We should probably
take a survey. Also most pumpers are adults and have been diabetic
for a while and tend to have slightly slower digestive times than a
14 year old (Lily).

Anyone care to add their 2cents worth on mixes, etc...

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