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: [IP] You Too?

Wendy, there is some truth to what you say.  When I get too low, my nerves
start tingling, but unfortunatley they're not the right nerves :-).   Based
on some comments of others though, like most such things YMMV.

<<<<<From: "Wendy Anderson" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] You Too?

I noticed someone else's comment about Sex/Diabetes, I know this is a pretty
personal subject but...........The comment made was "So when I can't get to
you know where.........I check my BGs."  Is there a relation or what? I know
myself, on more than one occasion when my husband and I are *****.......I
haven't been able to (you know) .......and sure enough I check my blood
sugar and it's usually running low. Has anyone else found the same to be
true? I wonder what the connection between hypO and BigO?>>>>>>>

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