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[IP] More AccuChek Complete tests

I think I just learned something about how this Complete meter works. Since
the test spot on the Complete looks about the same size as that of the
Profile I've been using the same size drop of blood. Wrong!!! The test pad
for the Complete sort of sucks the blood into itself... if you can still
see any of the "mesh" part of the test pad after you've dropped some blood
on it, then you're going to get an totally bogus reading. You actually have
to use 2-3 times as much blood with the Complete as with the Profile. Doing
that, I seem to get readings within about 2-3 points of the Profile. 

The scary thing is that anyone using a reading from the Complete who has
accidentally not put enough blood on the pad may be getting totally false &
meaningless readings. Today, using what it thought was an inadequate blood
sample I got a reading that was 25 points above my Profile... the other day
I got one that was 30 points below. The difference between an adequate
sample and a poor one is hard to gauge. I've put down what I consider to be
a pretty good size sample... but the Complete just gobbled it up and
apparently wanted more.  With the emphasis on smaller sample size on the
newer meters, this doesn't make a lot of sense.


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