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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete

At 06/16/1998 - 08:39 AM Becky Draper wrote:
>Message from Ken Bernstein

>I was on a test for the "Complete".  The meter was very accurate as I
>tested in the Dr's office and found the meter and the Dr's results were
>withing 2%.

I suspect I may have a bad meter. But their customer support wouldn't agree
to that. I talked to the local sales rep yesterday and I think she's going
to go higher up the ladder. But, just having to do this to get proper
customer service makes me very leary. If you don't think your meter is
reading correctly and you won't use it because of that, then the company
has lost sales in test-strips. Common sense says to keep the customer happy
with their meter. 

LifeScan has replaced my Profile for the most trivial reasons... I called
once because I felt that I had to press a  bit too hard on one of the keys
to change the labels for BG readings. A new meter was sent the next day. I
once even called because the carrying case had started to split... a new
case was instantly sent. Service like that makes loyal customers.

>I have had bad strip readings when I place the blood on the strip before
>the meter was ready.  This can be a pain in the butt as I am always in a

I'm positive that the meter said that it was ready. Now, that doesn't mean
that the meter was really ready... just that the display indicated that it

>The Complete does however give a great range of information when
>downloaded and even on the screen... Averages, graphs,  trends and pump

Yes, I've seen those. However inputting many of the values seems like a
chore... but then I haven't played with it that much. I'm going to try a
fresh box of strips to see what differnce that makes.

>Accu-Check will replace the meter if you are still having problems....

That was not their response when I talked to them... they seemed to be
pretty unwilling to replace the meter. Maybe I got someone on a bad day...
who knows.


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