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Re: [IP] GlucoWatch trial

Jody, Your posting was interesting and informative.  Please keep us posted.  I
went to Northwestern in Chicago last Monday to participate in the follow-up to
the DCCT.  It's called EDIC.  They gave me 8 vials of free Humulin Insulin,
but more importantly, 7 boxes of test strips!  EDIC stands for Epidemiology of
Diabetes Interventions and Complications.  I know this because I'm presently
reading it off the free coffee mug they gave me. I'm not kidding, it's the
only way I can remember what EDIC stands for.  Unlike DCCT, where we were
thoroughly examined every 3 months, this is yearly.  For those of you with
retinopathy, I hated to even bring this up.  They cut out the funding for the
follow-up on our retinas.  They was such an important part of the DCCT.  I
never showed any signs of retinopathy, even though I was in the control group
and was always out of control.  My God, what a difference the pump makes!
Jody, for all of us who participate in these studies, we help a lot more
people then we can ever realize.  I loved being part of the DCCT. I'm sorry to
see funds cut for the long-term follow-up of EDIC. Keep us posted to this
interesting research.  I, for one, would like to quit poking my poor fingers
6-8 times a day!  I'm sure I'm not alone on this one.
Judy P.
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