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Re: [IP] Quick Release

At 06/16/1998 - 01:20 PM email @ redacted wrote:
>Thanks for the suggestion (ice cubes before insertion) Michael, but it's
>the actual pain, it's the fear. Pain doesn't help though. :)

Reading about all the infusion sets prior to pumping almost traumatized me,
before I started pumping. Although I'd been doing MDI in my abdomen for
years, the talk about the size of the needle initially seemed scary.
However, I've done about 5 set-changes with the Silhouette (also known as
the Tender) and I've yet to feel it. You are right, though, the fear makes
it a lot worse. In fact fear makes any pain worse. I don't have any words
of wisdom except that if you think positive, breathe deeply and regularly
while changing the set, it might be help.(Like going through natural
childbirth... I went through the training with my wife and was the head
coach during the process... it really helps). 

As a side note, I heard that MiniMed is working on a Silhouette
auto-inserter sort of like the Soft-serter for the Soft-sets. That ought to
help too, since you don't have to watch the whole process.


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