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Re: [IP] MiniMed 507C

At 06/16/1998 - 09:02 AM Dan Trump wrote:
>Oh, oh. Poor Sam's got "pump envy" :-{)>. Maybe we could talk Gateway
>manufacturing insulin pumps. You know, every year we could send your 
>"motherboard" back in for an upgrade. Maybe we should just lease the
>so we can get an upgrade whenever Minimed or Disentronics comes out with
>a new model. Of course, the insurance companies wouldn't go for it...

Thanks for the sympathy... I'll get over it (maybe). I'll ignore your "pump
envy" comment... but, maybe Freud has some commentary on your need to
mention it. <grin>

I wonder if they do have any updateable electronic parts on the pump. After
all, it is just a computer controlling it. And, they have software
burned-in on the chips. A simple chip update would give you version 1.02 of
your pump software, instead of 1.01. Right? Of course, MiniMed &
Disetronics would rather just sell you a whole new pump... (Hmmm! I wonder
if there's a market for used pumps).

(I need to start buying MiniMed stock fast, before this pump thing cataches

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