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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete

At 06/16/1998 - 04:07 PM Michael Maturen wrote:
>Actually, Sam, the Glucometer Elite tested out in INDEPENDENT studies to
>be both accurate AND precise.  Call Bayer and ask them to see the
>clinical report.  I'm sure they'd gladly send it to you.

Thanks for the info... I may try getting more data about the Elite. 

I just pulled out my October 1996 Consumer's Report, where they did a story
on Blood Glucose meters (pg.53). Very interesting. The Glucometer Elite
came out on top with the Lifescan Profile as second. The AccuChek Advantage
rated high only on Convenience. They rated 3 factors...
Convenience/Consistency/Accuracy. They also comment on things like the
range of temperatures that a meter will work at. While the better ones work
at up to a range of 50 to 104 degrees F, some of them are so sensitive to
temperature that they would be virtually useless: 63 to 86 degrees for the
Medisense Precision QID (They must have assumed you have air-conditioning
everywhere). I don't know how much has changed in the two years since that
story was written, though. 


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