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Re: [IP] The Railway landscape and the Insulin Pump>

Talk with a good CDE who understands how U can work with H.  If you can
eliminate the gastro problems and have someone who knows U and is willing to
work with yur bldy to get it figured out (or you are up to the challenge), I
think that U can work very similarly to the pump.  I had 12 great years.  I
did the same carbo counting that I do now, and ate when I d...n well
pleased, whatever I pleased.
Good luck,
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Date: June 16, 1998 08:20 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] The Railway landscape and the Insulin Pump>

>One thing I do miss is the freedom to eat or
>not to eat.  This way of insulin therapy does require a fairly regimented
>schedule and I dare not miss even one snack.  I find the thought of losing
>consciousness terrifying as this hasn't happened in almost eight years.

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