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Re: [IP] I hate the new Minimed tape!!!

> Yes, Ryan does.  He is 10 and if this continues he is going to get very
> discouraged with the pump.  Right now we are using a skin-prep then IV3000
> then skin prep insert the comfort apply more skin prep and another IV3000.
> Yes, a little more trouble, but the comfort was coming off simply from
> sweating.  One of our fellow members gave me this tip for swimming, we do it
> everytime he changes.

Lily swims all the time with her comfort set. She applies it over 
Smith & Nephew IV prep, nothing else. She preps the site with iodine 
pad, then wipes that off (when dry) with an alcohol pad, followed by 
the S&N then her Comfort Set. She has had no trouble in 4 years with 
sets comming off except when she tried to use the tape that comes 
with the Sof-set. The Kendalls work much better for Sof-sets.

If we can be of assistance please let us know. She has no tape 
alergies so she is able to use just about any combination of 
adhesives.  If you have tape sensitivity, it gets more complicated. 
Janet is probably the expert there.

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