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Re: [IP] Re: using legs question

At 03:52 PM 6/16/98 , you wrote:

>I'm still kind of scared to use anything other than my abdomen. Does
anybody have
>some experiece with using active muscles as infusion sites?


	I've had the same problem using my thighs -- injections there tended to be
more painful, and they always acted much faster -- probably also because I
was shooting into muscle tissue rather than fat tissue. 
	With my pump I can only use a small area around each 'love handle', which
it seems to me have gotten a bit bigger. I can't go into my hips, thighs or
high buttocks with my pump because of lack of soft flesh. It's frequent
enough that I go too deep with my bent needles, and get blood or painfully
hit muscle. I wouldn't dare infuse my pump around hard muscle like in the

	If you're similar, you'll want to stick with your abdomen. 

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