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Re: [IP] Today's Dilemma

I'm still waiting for the perfectly quiet pump with a vibration mode alarm.
Once the alarm went off when I was cycling and I didn't hear it until I stopped
1.5 hours later. Also, I go to many classical music concerts and play in some
myself. It is not acceptable for alarms to go off in these circles... MiniMed
has no immediate plans to deal with silent alarms. Perhaps, Sam, you could
"force" the issue from the side of a hearing disability...

Sam Skopp wrote:

> At 06/15/1998 - 08:49 PM email @ redacted wrote:
> >Bob, I was wondering.  Does anyone besides me find the alarm, even set on
> the
> >loudest (3) on MM507, too low to hear?

> I'm glad that you feel the same way. Last week I talked to MiniMed about it
> and they said that other's had mentioned the same thing and that they were
> working on it. (No date, of course).
> I have some high-frequency hearing loss from when I was in the US Air
> Farce, in the late 1960's... jet engine noise. Makes those little beeps
> hard to hear sometimes...

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