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Re: [IP] Re: pizza

herniated disks are miserable, miserable, miserable. Be very careful not to
damage it any worse than has already been done!! It might add months or
years to the recovery. They kill your productivity because you can't sit at
a desk -- I remember taking my desks and propping them up on other
furniture so I could work standing up, and of course even that was painful. 

You've probably already discovered you have to sleep with a pillow under
your knees. I needed a really big one, and ended up using a huge couch
cushion; and even now, over 5 years later, I have two pillows stuffed into
one pillowcase, and I sleep with that under my knees. When I roll, I
automatically untangle myself and get the pillow between my knees --
another thing you might find you have to do, when sleeping on your side.  

It may even change the way you sleep -- it did for me. I sleep flat on my
back now, with my knees propped.

YMMV, but I found that getting out of shape and back in shape, as I kept
trying to recover from my herniated disk, caused me all sorts of
difficulties in my insulin regimen.

Oh, wait... that was before the pump -- after the pump it wasn't a problem!

Hope you feel better.
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