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Re: [IP] sport guard

I've experimented with various ways of carrying my pump, because I
absolutely hate to have things around my waist. I found it was always in
the way.

The best solution I've found, which I use now, is a neoprene elbow wrap. I
use the 42" tube, drop the pump tube from my infusion site (on my 'love
handles') straight down my leg to my shin/ankle, and wrap the neoprene
elbow wrap around it, which seals with a velcro tab. I keep it on the
inside of my shin, just above my ankle. I can access it by pulling up my
pant cuff. Sometimes alarms are difficult to hear. 

But it's invisible, out of the way, doesn't get bumped about, etc. Also,
the neoprene elbow wrap comes in black, so it goes with my suits and dress
clothes. And it's never in my way.

In the summer I wear shorts that have a back pocket and stick it in the
pocket, or in my fanny pack.

Previously, I've used belts which fasten it around my tummy (under my
shirt), I've carried it in a pocket in my underwear (annoying to fish it
out when I need to bolus, and potentially awkward when partner dancing),
and I've run it up my chest, through my armpit/shoulder, down my arm, and
attached it to my forearm with an elastic ankle band -- only when wearing
sweaters or sweatshirts. I also once had a tailor create a pocket for me
which velcros around my shin with elastic straps; but she didn't do a good
job, so it wasn't ideal. But I think that approach is probably best: make a
window through which you can push the buttons, and the pocket holds the
pump in, but doesn't squeeze it too tightly against your leg, but at the
same time the straps that hold the pocket can be tight and stay up.

I also think it would be simple enough to make a waterproof version, with a
simple sandwich bag and something like wax -- or even chewing gum, in a pinch.

And when I'm running, biking, rollerblading, etc, I keep it in my fanny
pack, which works great. Once a week I go on a crazy run which inevitably
involves me falling in a creek or otherwise getting wet, and it's survived
these incidents; but recently I stick it in a ziploc bag when this danger
is imminent.

At home, if lazing about, I have a nifty pair of cotton nickers (pants that
fall just below the knee, not British for underwear) with cargo pockets on
the side. The cargo pockets work great.

One potential problem with the pump being stuck to the inside of your
ankle: I got pulled over by cops in Ohio, because they were suspicious of
my dark tinted windows and because the light over my license plate was out,
and they were really nervous and kept asking if I had weapons. I insisted I
didn't, several times. Finally, continuing their "routine" investigation,
they frisked me -- and felt the pump on my ankle. The one officer jumped
back about ten feet and drew his gun! I had to pull the pump out, show them
the tubing, the infusion site, and even take it apart for them, before they
were satisfied. Yikes. Avoid anxious police while wearing your pump on your

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