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[IP] Re: using legs question

email @ redacted wrote:

> For Eugenia:

> Use the tops of your legs - works VERY well and way easier to do than your
> back side.  If you are muscular ...

Is it safe to use a well used muscular part for an infusion site?

I used to get in big trouble from injecting insulin into my legs (cyclist). In
those distant days (20 some years ago), I was on just one injection (Regular and
NPH) a day. I "came to" many times in ER rooms after keeling over while riding my
bike home. I'd eat before leaving and  I'd eat more before leaving - but I'd often
just go out like a light at some point during the 12km ride. My (concerned!)
mother found an article saying that the absorption of insulin from the site of an
active muscle was up to 18 times faster than it would be from a more sedentary
site. I immediately switched to just my abdomen and certainly was happier with the
results (though I still got into trouble sometimes with that horribly erratic NPH
insulin (and that was pre chemstrip-bg time)).

Maybe there is not as much of a problem with the faster acting Humalog?
Maybe the small basal rates avoid having a "depot" effect?
I'm still kind of scared to use anything other than my abdomen. Does anybody have
some experiece with using active muscles as infusion sites?


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