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Re: [IP] About low batteries

> A message about the battery being low will appear on the display. It has been my
> experience (limited - pumping only since dec 97) that the batteries from MiniMed
> give a longer warning time (4-5 days) than batteries bought from my local Radio
> Shack (less than a day). Has anyone else noticed this?
You bet.

Purchased 15 Eveready 357's - supposedly the exact battery you get 
from MM - but packaged in the individual 'hanging' retail pack from a 
mail order diabetes supply house. These batteries are available at 
hardware stores, drug stores, etc... Anyway, Lily put 3 in her pump 
and got a low battery alarm 2 WEEKS later!!!! Upon inspection, some 
of the batteries in the still sealed packages showed signs of 
corrosion, some of the packages looked similar although the batteries 
inside looked OK. I suspect this is a storage/transport problem not 
unlike insulin in the back of the hot truck syndrome.  I have sent a 
letter and the batteries off to Eveready along with one of those "Gee 
guys, these batteries are specified for use in LIFE SUPPORT 
equipment, sure be nice if they worked' kind of letters. That was 
last week, I'll keep you posted on what kind of response I get.

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