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Re: [IP] About low blood sugars

> >Also, I have been trying to do the mimic thing on the 506 with square 
> >wave bolusing. I have been getting lows. I must not be doing something 
> >right? Maybe I am alowing too much time. 
> >

The square wave bolus should be planned to end

2 hours before the end of the digestion cycle for Humalog
4 hours before the end of the digestion cycle for regular insulins

maybe a little more 1/2 hr H, 1 hr R to avoid going low on the tail 
of the insulin.

For a mix of 'general' carbos, plan 4 - 5 hour digestion cycle unless 
you have 'gastro' problems, then it might take longer.

For things like pizza or mac+cheese, 6 - 7 hours.

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