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Re: [IP] hypo Non humor...:)

Judy,  you really cracked me up because I have done the same thing--gotten a
salad for a reaction.  Then you're sitting there eating the salad, knowing
it's a waste of time and still not moving to a correct treatment.  The whole
situation is very irritating.  The opposite of that happened when I was in the
hospital with a 30 BG.  I remember the RN coming in with an insulin syringe.
I was in one of those reactions where I couldn't communicate verbally.  I just
started saying NO,NO,NO.  My mind was VERY clear that she was about to do
great harm, but I couldn't communicate in a rational manner.  As she got
closer, I started screaming.  Well, you know what that means in a hospital--it
means you are crazy.  So 4 people came in to hold me down while she gave me
insulin for a low BG.  I was pregnant at the time.  I guess when your mind is
working, your body isn't and when your body is working, your mind isn't.
Believe me, I never have been in the hospital since without a lot of supplies
and someone with me through the night.  Luckily, I haven't been in the
hospital that much, but it IS a very scary place to me.  ellen
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