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[IP] an "impotent" or is that "important" subject

Chuck wrote 

> Speaking of Diabetes related ah er ah S&x problems, does any one 
> know if Viagera has any adverse effects on Diabetics?  It would be 
> nice to reclaim what once use to be mine and is now the victim 
> micro vascular damage...

Hey Bob is the ex-spurt (har de har har har) on Viagra - JUST KIDDING!  I have
no claim to any information on Bob's functions...just carrying on a thread
from a while back

Chuck...I had a friend who had a similar problem - diabetes like 20 years and
not in good control and more impotently, unable to perform his , well, you
know...  About 6 months after he was on the pump, he called up our mutual CDE
at like 2 in the morning..."what the hell?" asks Gerri.  He was like, I just
wanted to let you know...things are working much better!

so...keep working on that control...maybe it'll help (if you want to talk to
the guy, email me and I'll get his number)

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