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[IP] Re: pizza

email @ redacted wrote:

> Several members have reported needed anywhere from 1 hour up to 3 hours for
> the length of the square wave when eating pizza. ... There is no "set rule" on
> this, it varies from person to person, and is dependent on your metabolism.

Am I the only person on this list who processes pizza entirely with a single
bolus? I'm not sure that the reason is my food processing speed - it might more be
response to Humalog. Humalog seems to work full force for at least 3 hours in my
body. It didn't take me long to learn this (the hard way, unfortunately!). I seem
to be prone to
sudden lows even 3 hours after bolusing. Really precipitous drops can occur at 3
hours after bolusing if I exercise without eating again. I don't think its a basal
rate problem since, if I'm ok at 3 hours and don't exercise until 4 hours after
bolusing, I don't get the same drops. I think the problem is that the food is gone
but the bolus is still active.

Anyway, having been mostly flat on my back with a herniated disk for the last 15
days (currently with "a lap-top on my ribs" (quoted so that I can imagine (at
least) Sara singing that "Valerieeee Valerah-ha-ha-ha-haaah-ha-ha" song!)), I'm
sure that my metabolism must have slowed to a crawl by now (I normally exercise
more than 2 hours per day!). I think I'll order out for pizza tonight and see how
my body deals with it now. I'll let you know after a few trials.


P.S.: The pump sure makes it easier to deal with temporary physical layups!

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