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[IP] sport guard

I have the MM 507 and so I bought a sport guard.  What an uncomfortable
piece of 5&&$ , I hate it.  I fish, and I am a 4-wheeler safety
instructor, and generally I am out and about in weather, water, and and
the great outdoors as much as possible.  The sport guard was a pain.  I
read a while back about a Neoprene case that someone made from a knee
wrap, and was looking for them when I found a camera case called a Neo.
It is in different colors, has a belt loop, velcro flap, and is the
perfect size.  It is probably 3 inches longer than neccessary so I put
some velcro on the bottom, and the  top to match it so it gets a neat
little fold... voila' or however you spell it.  It works great.  I use a
harbinger (?) in a small size to hook the belt loop to me.  It is
cushioned, dry, and a lot easier  to get at.  I don't know if it will go
swimming, as I haven't fell in this year yet, but I think it will
probably work for the quick dunks I usually take..  In case anyone is
looking for something else than a sport guard.  Oh it cost $14. instead
of the $70.   Laurie B.
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