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Re: [IP] MiniMed 507C

Oh, oh. Poor Sam's got "pump envy" :-{)>. Maybe we could talk Gateway into
manufacturing insulin pumps. You know, every year we could send your 
"motherboard" back in for an upgrade. Maybe we should just lease the pumps
so we can get an upgrade whenever Minimed or Disentronics comes out with
a new model. Of course, the insurance companies wouldn't go for it...


>Hi Sam,
>Isn't the irony of life just wonderful?  Seems like every time you
>finally get the newest toy, someone comes out with an improvement!  ...
>Oh well.
><< ARRGGHHH!!! I just got my pump hooked up last week and its obsolete
>already!! So, when is the pump upgrade overdrive CPU chip going to be
>released? Or, maybe I can get a flash bios update. Can I add more SIMMS,
>hi-fi stereo surround sound, or a souped up 21" display screen to this
>thing? Face it, I needed the ultra-sexy 507D model yesterday!!
>(who always has to have the newest toys on the block) >>
>- -- 
>	... Sue  :-)

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